Music for escape artists.

Music for escape artists. | Evocative music from the Underworld, the Otherworld and The Abyss.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

ZARATHUSTRA'S ILIAD | Epic/Dark/Orchestral | Modern Classical Music


*this composition is a work in progress*

There was a crucial event that took place in the formation of the human psyche that has never been fully explained...

A flash of light that may have embodied the creation of the 'human' itself. 

A thorn forever in the minds and hearts of men, a scar on the soul of existence.

To some this event is known as the birth of the Northern Star, the fall of Man, the fall of Lucifer, the birth of Evil, etc.

A being that has acknowledged 'free will' may just be tempted to use it.

Thus Zarathustra's Iliad was carved in stone, and the wheel was set in motion.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

LIFE BOAT | Immersive Epic/Dark/Ambient Music

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You find yourself lying there, head spinning, ears ringing. Two dead bodies on the back of the boat.

Through blurred vision you can just make out the trees on either side of the river bank. The air is hot and thick and you are surrounded by jungle and screeching monkeys... you must be somewhere in South East Asia.


The smell of gun smoke and dirty salt water reconciles your mind as you notice all the blood and bullet casings scattered about the hull.

You look to your left to see a pair of intense, friendly eyes staring straight at you, smile on face, cigar in mouth, one arm missing, machine gun in the other.

You look up to the unmanned wheel at the boats control deck.

Well, who could resist...


'Life Boat'

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