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Saturday, 18 June 2016

What is Freedom?


What is Freedom?

Freedom is the carrot 
that leads the donkey.

Freedom is sold wholesale
in a seedy back alley
for a handful of old coins
in a foreign currency.

Freedom is a state of mind;
the state of which is
mostly blxnd.   

Freedom is something
that was given away,
on the coldest of winters
at the end of the day.

Freedom is something 
that you cannot touch;
but neither is Love
so it doesn't mean much.

Freedom is found
in the twinkle of an eye
that leads one astray
when the truth is a lie.

Freedom is you,
your head in a bag,
your arms by your sides
and your legs in a sack.

Freedom is something you take,
not something you get back.

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